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visithay provides visitors with information on accommodation, eateries, shops, activities and events

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10 reasons why advertising with visithay is great for your business

  • PROMOTION - visithay is a site dedicated solely to promoting Hay and the surrounding area and all it has to offer. From hotels to B&B’s, books to boutiques, pubs to fine dining and canoeing to camping, visithay is an instant-access portal for all visitors.
  • ACCESSIBLE - stunning design and easy to navigate, visithay is accessible 365 days of the year making booking accommodation easy. An on-line booking tool with owner account login details and just a 12% commission per booking, makes visithay the place for visitors to find a bed in Hay and the surrounding area.
  • COMPETITIVE - competitive rates for all Hay and surrounding area businesses, including premium advertising opportunities, or hotspots, for your business.
  • COMMUNICATE - visithay provides a direct line of communication to visitors. Whether you want to advertise your business or promote a special offer, visithay enables you to reach new customers.
  • HAY FESTIVAL - visithay is the official accommodation booking agent for Hay Festival.  visithay is visible to:
    • 120,000 subscribers to the Hay Festival
    • 242,000 guests buying tickets
    • 100,000 distributed programmes
    • 555,000 web visitors annually
    • 180+ accredited media
    • Hay Festival partners
  • REACH - visithay is backed by a very experienced web team who ensure that visithay is highly visible on all search engines. A dedicated social media team promotes visithay on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to ensure the site reaches out to the widest possible audience.
  • MARKETING - visithay collates visitor information for future marketing opportunities to help your business grow.
  • NETWORK - visithay coordinates networking opportunities for local businesses. Called the Hay Hub the meetings take place in Hay every six weeks allowing you to share and swap information.
  • CONTEMPORARY - visithay is a beautifully designed contemporary website that reflects the needs and requirements of the 21st century tourist. Up to the minute information ensures the site remains active, fresh and inviting.
  • LOCAL - visithay is a locally run initiative with specialist knowledge to help your business succeed, and is *the* digital portal to reach visitors to Hay.

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